Sonntag, 3. September 2017

Wale statt Wahlen! Ms. Tomomi (und Ms. Manami)

* Wale statt Wahlen! Eine sehr gute Freundin hat in Bälde Geburtstag. Daher wird der violette Fisch, Ms. Tomomi (auf dem Bild oben links), bald gen Süden schwimmen. Ms. Tomomi und Ms. Manami kosten jedoch noch jede gemeinsame Stunde in vollen Zügen aus.

* "Wale statt Wahlen" means "Whales instead of elections" (this month federal elections will take place in Germany)! Soon a very good friend's birtday is coming up. That is why the violet fish, Ms. Tomomi (the left one on the top picture), will be swimming southwards in a few days. Ms. Tomomi and Ms. Manami are enjoying every second they are having together to the fullest.
* Ms. Tomomi bedeutet so etwas wie "wunderbarer Freund" (Quelle:

* Ms. Tomomi means something like "beautiful friend" (source:
* Wolle / Wool used for Ms. Tomomi: Alice Starmore Hebridean 3 ply "Wild Orchid".

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